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The App Dashboard gives you an interface to register and manage your applications.

Register a New Application

    To register a new application, click on Register a New Application under the My Apps tab. You will be presented with a form with the following options:

  • Name - Choose a name that fits your own branding. Do not to use generic names, such as Kiva App.
  • Description - Be as descriptive as you can. By the time you finish you app, it will probably be completely different to what you intended at the begining. So be sure to come back an update this!
  • Can your app keep secrets? - If your app will reside on a client device, such as a mobile phone, then it can't be trusted to keep a secret. If your app will be on a web-server, or other closed environment, it can be trusted.
  • Callback URI - Leave this blank for Out-of-Band authentication or if you're not yet sure which OAuth method and callback you'll use.
  • App ID - If your app already uses an App ID, enter it here. Otherwise, we'll generate one for you. Just letters, numbers, dashes and dots, please.
  • Website - Where can users access your app or find out more about it? If you want to publish your app, you'll need a website.
  • Icon - Users will see this when prompted to authorize your application.

Modifying an Application

Select the App you want to modify from the left menu under the My Apps tab. From here you can use the Edit button to modify your applications properties.

Getting to your OAuth details

All apps that use OAuth must be registered with Kiva.

To get the OAuth details you'll need to authenticate your application, select the App from the left menu under the My Apps tab. You will be taken to a page where you can get your OAuth Client ID and Client Secret. You application will need these to authorize via OAuth.

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