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Feeds give you access to Kiva's data in a very simple format that many tools and applications already know how to use. We've specifically designed these for folks casual users, feed mashers, and anyone else looking for syndicated content in RSS form.

Feeds are subject to many of the same conventions as the API, but the format of the responses are very different. Rather than sticking to very strict rules about how data is formatted, feeds focus on making syndicated information human-readable within a wide range of applications. As a result, if you find feeds aren't giving you the control you want over presenting data, you might want to check out our other response formats.

We provide feed formats for API calls in cases where we think a wide range of users can get a lot of mileage out of the the data using existing tools and apps. The Kiva API currently only supports the RSS 2.0 format which we assume that either you or your reader already know how to use. All requests for RSS data end in the extension rss, for example:


We're still in the process of updating all of our feeds to snazzy new versions based on the Kiva API. In the meantime, you'll find the formal documentation for both our new and legacy RSS feed collection. We've documented how to call each feed and what inputs, if any, it takes. For detail on the RSS returned by each, we encourage you to call the feed and take a look at the results.


Returns a mix of items sorted by age from newest to oldest. Each item describes some event in the lifetime of the loan, typically a journal entry or information about a repayment.



the unique identifier of the loan for which you want detail
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