Fetching Data

Data Rate and Throttling

Access to the Kiva API is throttled to the limits below.

Unregistered Apps 60 requests per minute
Registered Apps * 500 requests per minute

*You can register your app here

If you exceed the throttle limits, the Kiva server will respond with:

403 Forbidden (Rate Limit Exceeded)

Requests from that IP address will be temporarily locked out.

You can find out how many requests you have available for the next 60 seconds by checking the HTTP response headers. e.g.

X-RateLimit-Overall-Limit: 500 X-RateLimit-Overall-Remaining: 497

The above example means you are throttled to 500 requests per minute and have 497 left for the next 60 seconds.

Particular endpoints may also have a specific throttle in addition to the overall throttle. e.g.

X-RateLimit-Specific-Limit: 60 X-RateLimit-Specific-Remaining: 57

The above exmaple means you are throttled to 60 requests per minute and have 57 left for the next 60 seconds.

If you find yourself being throttled, we recommend implementing an Exponential Backoff algorithm.

If you require access to the Kiva database, try our snapshots or contact us at build_kiva@kiva.org.

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