Linking Back to Kiva

Content Pages

Every data object in the Kiva API has a unique ID of some sort. Here's a list of recommended ways to link back to a specific object using its ID.


The most relevant page for any loan is the loan detail page. This page has comprehensive information about the loan and related lenders; it is the natural stepping stone to picking a new loan for checkout:<id>



If you want to provide a link in your application to a lender's Lender Page on the Kiva website, all you need is the lender_id and this URL template:<lender_id>


Journal Entries

Linking to a journal entry currently requires the ID of the journal entry. This is the URI pattern for a page which shows the entry's contents and allows users to add comments:



There are two ways to link to team pages - you can use the team ID or the team shortname. Use this template if you only know the numeric team ID:<id>

or this pattern if you have the team shortname:<shortname>


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