Open-Source Projects

Kiva supports several open-source projects. Feel free to clone our projects and send us pull requests.

Kiva Specific

Kiva API Samples
Repo: Kiva API code samples.
Aim: To provide sample code for using the Kiva Public API in different popular languages.
Road Map: To build basic and OAuth samples in other languages, including C, C++, C#, Perl, Ruby and VB.Net

Aim: To build a JavaScript API for interfacing with the Kiva Public API.
Road Map: Adding client-side caching.

Kiva Drupal Module
Aim: To enable Drupal access to Kiva's data via the Kiva Public API.
Road Map: Update the module to support new API endpoints.


Aim: To build a Backbone plugin to interface with data in the Siren format.
Road Map: TBD.

Repo: kvForm
Aim: To allow easy construction and validation of client-side forms. Road Map: TBD.

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