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Developers worldwide are helping us make it easy and transparent to lend to the working poor via microfinance and the Kiva API.

New! Kiva adopts GraphQL technology. Developers can try the new endpoint in Kiva's GraphQL Explorer



Create the application Kiva Lenders have always dreamed of.


Let the world experience microlending through the applications you've built!

GraphQL API Spotlight

Kiva will be supporting the GraphQL API. Kiva invites its developer community to start playing with the new API.

GraphQL is a query language for APIs that allows for more precise data requests for your applications.

GraphQL Explorer

Find loans raising funds right now at Kiva, newest first.

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Here are recent topics from our developer forum. Join our Google Group and take part in the discussion.

Data Snapshots

Need to work with a lot of our data all at once? Every night we archive public data from the Kiva API into easily downloadable snapshots. Grab them in your favorite format here:

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Academic publications and work in progress using Kiva's API.

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